I ask to this team to program my ea. That was my first experience. I explain to them by email all the details and the strategy, 5 days after I received my E.A. After have seen a problem with the robo, Ivan propose to me a remote desktop assistance. During this period, he checked  where come from the problem. The day after I received the final and perfect version. My E.A. work as I asked. If you search good programmer produces  honest work, don’t waste your time, you can trust this team. Real review by real  trader.

PS: I will ask them to program my second E.A.. Enjoy your trading. 

Oliver, Belgium


Thanks for this, so far so good the indicator is working exactly as I wanted it to, also thank you for the quick turnaround really appreciated

best regards,

Ian Johnson, United Kingdom

Dear MethodTraders,

I have tested the EA that you coded for me and I am happy to say that is worked exactly according to the requirements. You did an excellent job and I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your excellent programming.

I will definitely seek your professional expertise again in future when I have a new strategy to code. 

Best Regards,

Benedict, Singapore

Dear MethodTraders,

I have tested the EA that you coded for me and I am happy to say that is worked exactly according to the requirements. You did an excellent job and I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your excellent programming.

I will definitely seek your professional expertise again in future when I have a new strategy to code. 

Best Regards,

Benedict, Singapore


I have 5 expert advisors made from MethodTraders and I think this coding company is AMAZING!!. They have just complete an expert advisor that is very complex and it operates precisely to my request. They are happy to receive any emails to fix any errors that did not meet initial requests and they respond within the same day if you have any questions. I am very happy with this organisation and I will continue using their services. Thank you

Mark, Australia

This is my first experience with MethodTraders. To begin, I would say that I am very impressed with Mikhail’s professionalism and good customer service. He had always responded to all my various queries courteously and I could feel that he cares for his customers.

I am very pleased to say that my EA was programmed at a very high quality. Even after completing the EA, Mikhail continued to answer my many queries patiently and provided good professional advice.  I also requested for some modifications to the EA and Mikhail done it efficiently. Any programming issues were also addressed by Mikhail quickly and he agreed to fix the issues without any questions asked. The payments are also done in a very organized manner. After receiving the final payment, Mikhail makes sure that he delivers the final product promptly.

All in all, I am amazed by Mikhail’s programming skills and can-do attitude. I would definitely continue to work with Mikhail for future programming needs and I would highly recommend his service to anyone who is looking for a good programmer.


Methodtraders delivered my EA accruately the first time I sent them an email on the specifications. Their price is reasonable and the programming was correctly done given that the idea was a little complex. I am happy to provide further information and can be contacted on cam_tong@hotmail.com


Method Traders is a very professional programming service. I wrote to a number of programmers, and never even received a response (sound familiar?). I used one programming service that stole money from me. They kept repeating, “Please bear with us. We are busy and we promise to do your indicators.” When I mentioned that I was going to file for a refund from Paypal, they begged me not to and vowed to do right. They never did right, and when confronted, they referred to ME as a scam (called mirror image in psychology – they are the scam). The result was lost money and NO indicators. At that point, it was past the 45 day refund period from Paypal. They blew my budget.

Another programmer produced a hideous looking indicator that put me into tears. This was after one month of begging him to even do it.

I asked Method Traders to make an indicator that I was told by another programmer that it could not be done. Method Traders made it to perfection.

Method Traders is the most professional and most reliable programmers that will not steal your money, will not have you in tears, and will do the job 101% satisfactory within a few days. Save yourself the turmoil that I went through and trust Method Traders. You will not go wrong.

Sarah, New York

I just wanted to thank you for the work you have carried out for me over the past 3 months. I have given you specifications and screen shot examples for five EA’s, all with very different strategies and you have completed every one of them within the specified time, and even more impressive is you ability to code unorthodox strategic requirements. I am simply amazed at your ability to comprehend what I have specified and then be able to deliver the complete EA functionality on the first time around. I have previously designed 13 EA’s, and used 4 different programmers along the way, and in all cases, they could never quite deliver the specified functionality, even after much backwards and forwards communication. If you can’t achieve the specified functionality, it makes proper testing and optimization of the EA effectively impossible. At least now, I can properly test the EA, and then come to terms with any design shortcomings, and then create upgrades to overcome these. Mikhail, your prices are very reasonable, and you simply blitz the competition. Kind regards,

Murray Whittaker, 8-5-2010

Mikhail has worked for me on a few MT4 Expert Advisor projects now. I am pleased to say that all projects ended with me being very satisfied with his coding ability. He was able to program some unique/non-conventional ideas and I always appreciate his approach to a difficult programming task with a can-do attitude. Bottom line, Mikhail is professional, capable and he delivers balanced solutions that blend simplicity with effectiveness so you can improve your profitability. If you have a coding idea, you can safely depend on Mikhail to help you meet your goals.

Shayne Laitila – MI, United States

I have had nothing but extremely fast and courteous service from Mikhail. Although my ideas have not always worked out I have had other programmers refuse to do what I asked and he did precisely what I asked. It was more important for me to prove my ideas wrong in forward testing. This way I found out why they did not work for myself. If there was confusion about any details he promptly fixed any discrepancy and made it right. I have dealt with several programmers and he has responded faster and given me the best service of any programmer that I have used. I have finally got an EA that is making consistent profit. This would not have been possible without his services. His rates are reasonable and his service is very fast. For any future programming needs I will continue to use his services.

Keith Bunge – WA, United States

“Mikhail is not only a professional MQL developer but a prompt programmer who cares about his customers. I have ordered several EAs, Indicators, and Scripts to him in the past two years either directly or through my clients and never a problem with his services. He is passionate about his job and he deserves being praised for what he is doing. Thanks Mikhail and good luck with your great work.”

Al Parsai – President Investatech Inc.

Hi fellow traders, I have known Mikhail Veneracion for almost one year by now, : Mikhail has helped me on a few MT4 Expert Advisor coding, and I am very please with the result of the EA.. I am impressed with His coding expertise and his easy going to change the coded without any complaint (if we found out later that the EA is not functions as we expected), and I am very pleased to say that all my EA that made by Him rated : very good. He has a very broad non-conventional ideas about coding and I always appreciate his approach to all programming task with an easy – do attitude characters. All at all, I rated Mikhail to be a professional, very capable and can delivers solutions with effectively so I can improve my trading profit. If you have problems for a coding of Meta Trader, you can safely find Mikhail to help you to meet your needs.

Goodluck Mikhail, Eddy – Indonesia

I have been in the Forex market for a little over a year now and I have been trying to find someone to write an EA or automated trading system for me. Then I was introduced to Mikhail Veneracion, who not only proved to be honest and did what he promised, but he did it for an extremely reasonable price. Mikhail will work with you until he understood exactly what you wanted, and amend the EA until you are satisfied. He will also guide you to complete the EA even if you are a novice and not sure exactly what you need it to do. I highly recommend Mikhail to anyone who wants an EA to help achieve their financial goals.

Sincerely, Paul Wong – Homestead FL USA

Several of my manual strategies have been coded into EA’s, to my complete satisfaction. The response has always been prompt, efficient and exceptionally professional. Advice and feedback is always informative, often invaluable, and I have no hesitation in recommending the service.

Robert O’Connor – UK

Hello Mikhail, The trail stop function is working. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate the timely development and the awesome support. This trend line EA has turned into my custom trading platform. A platform that is in a league of its own, better than any platform I have used in the industry, and I really don’t know what I would do with out it. This EA is truly a diamond, making my trading life far more manageable than ever. I have you to thank for this, and your professional developing skills. If I run into any problems I will let you know, but so far every function of the EA is running flawless. Again thank you so much…


Mikhail is an excellent MQL programmer. More importantly, he is prompt, fair, and well organized. Hard to find in the MQL programming space. We have been coding with him for years and trust his programming skills with some of our best projects.

Joseph James Gelet, CTA – Elite E Services FX www.startelite.com

Dear Mikhail, I would like to thank you for the excellent EA that you coded for me. I was particularly impressed with the very professional way that you handled this assignment. One thing that I appreciated was your prompt replies to all my e-mails and questions. The EA is working really well, and I will not hesitate to give you more work in the future. I have no hesitation doing this since I know that I will get a first class product from you in return. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Sincerely, Kelvin Rice – Denver CO USA

“Thanks for the delivery of our EA. It is working as envisioned and ordered. Great job! We will not hesitate to contact you again for enhancements to this EA or another EA….So far no bugs….”

Glenn & Jeff

Dear sir, I want to thank you immensely for all the support that you have given me so far, I must say that the promptness with which you attend to your clients is second to none I must also tell you that I am highly impressed by your support as it is impeccable